I've recently started to learn ASP (*ducks the hurled flowerpots and
vases*) because my school requires it, but of course I prefer PHP for
my own scripting needs.

I have however, noticed one feature that ASP has that I have not found
an equal for in PHP: the "application" object.

For those of you not familiar with ASP, the lowdown is this: The
application object acts like a global session. You assign it variables
and values like you would a session, but those variables are available
to all instances and sessions. It is for example very useful to track
different users at the same time, or to send messages from one session
to another, or the likes.

Anything like this in PHP, or will I have to find a workaround for it,
or *ick* do that little sniplet in ASP?

Bendik Simonsen


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