On 15 Feb 2002, at 14:43, Bendik Simonsen wrote:

> I have however, noticed one feature that ASP has that I have not found
> an equal for in PHP: the "application" object.
> For those of you not familiar with ASP, the lowdown is this: The
> application object acts like a global session. You assign it variables
> and values like you would a session, but those variables are available
> to all instances and sessions. It is for example very useful to track
> different users at the same time, or to send messages from one session
> to another, or the likes.
> Anything like this in PHP, or will I have to find a workaround for it,
> or *ick* do that little sniplet in ASP?

Well how does it work? Is it advertised as M$ magic in the class? 
Is http not stateless? 

I don't follow your description and I don't believe in magic.

Is it using cookies? If not what? It must be using something?

I bet it's using cookies. Sounds a lot like what you normally do with 
sessions. I don't follow the "send message from one session to 
another" ... is this not just normal course for sessions?  I'd like 
more explanation before I believe that this is any more than just a 

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