Erik Price wrote:
> On Friday, February 15, 2002, at 10:42  AM, Michael Kimsal wrote:
>> Remember, ASP is not a language, and PHP is.  You're not programming 
>> "ASP" - you are most likely programming VBScript and your server 
>> environment gives that language access to server-specific functions
>> such as an application object.
> Where were you yesterday when I needed this kind of explanation!  :)
> To explain the nature of my site and why I chose the route that I did, I 
> used a brief explanation of how the client-server-PHP system works.  
> But, with no experience with any other scripting language, I didn't have 
> much to justify why I chose PHP (the real reason is a matter of ethics ;).
> I would love to have had your explanation of ASP's application object vs 
> PHP's lack of an "application object" when I wrote that.  I'm saving 
> this post.

I've been here all along!  :)

Seriously, we cover some of this in our class as well, and at our 
monthly PHP user group meetings.  I'm actually writing up a small paper
on this and other topics.  If you're interested in it, let me know.

I can also be reached at 734-480-9961 if you've questions that might
be faster talking about than emailing, and my AIM is 'mgkimsal' is 
you're on that and need some help.

That goes for anyone else on the list too...

Michael Kimsal
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