Michael Sims wrote:
>> I can also be reached at 734-480-9961 if you've questions that might
>> be faster talking about than emailing, and my AIM is 'mgkimsal' is 
>> you're on that and need some help.
>> That goes for anyone else on the list too...
> OMG you may end up regretting that.  I'm putting you on my speed dial 
> right now... :-P  Yeah, it's not toll-free but as They say "it's free if 
> you call from work"

Hi Michael:

Not to turn this into too much of a sales pitch, but... :)

1.  We do offer hourly consulting for one-offs, so if you're in a pinch
and just HAVE to get something done, we can help.  Many times
you only need a small push in the right direction, not entire 
outsourcing of a project.

2.  That doesn't mean that every call is charged.  Got a question?  Give 
a call in.  I'm normally pretty open to discuss PHP and web matters, and
often can spare some time to help through problems - that's what we do 
at our monthly PHP user group meeting, and on the user group mailing 
list (sempug at yahoo groups!).  However, realize that I (or others at 
the office) might not be able to sit down and chat for hours at a 
stretch gratis.  :)

Don't let that put you off calling if you've got questions - often times 
questions that can have you stumped are things that we (or others) have 
faced in the past and solved already.

Michael Kimsal
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