On 16 Feb 2002, at 8:37, michael kimsal wrote:

> I don't believe the original poster you quote really had/has
> a firm grasp on what it actually does.
> The tried and true example is a hit counter.  No matter who hits a
> page, if that page increases an application variable called "counter"
> for example, the counter keeps going up.
> You hit it and it has a value of 1.
> Then I hit the page and it has a value of 2.
> The bob hits it and it has a value of 3.
> And so on.
> There's no messaging from one session to another, though I don't doubt
> you could architect some code to operate like that.  It's like a
> 'session' state that's not specific to any one user - a 'commons'
> area, if you like.
> Does that help?
> Also, a second draft of this info, along with a bit of code example in
> PHP, is in a PDF at
> http://demo.logicreate.com/index.php/filemgt/main/event=view/pkey=6/ph
> pfaq.pdf

Yes, I responded to quickly as after reading someone else's 
response to one of your emails it became clear the original poster 
was mistaken. Thanks for the clarification.

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