On 15 Feb 2002, at 23:12, michael kimsal wrote:

> Tom Rogers wrote:
> > Hi
> > It uses cookies and only cookies and it seems that sessions are
> > started on every access but can be turned off on individual pages if
> > required. Tom
> Sorry Tom, but the application object has nothing to do with cookies.
> It is a 'global' session, for lack of a better term, and doesn't need
> to concern itself with cookies or other means of identifying specific
> users, because nothing in the application object is specific to users
> - it is data specific to the total application itself.

> Hope that helps.

The original guy wrote:

> > > to all instances and sessions. It is for example very useful to
> > > track different users at the same time, or to send messages from
> > > one session to another, or the likes.

Well it started from the above where some guy said this magic 
could track users. I assumed the cookies and if it's tracking users 
it uses a session id in the url or a cookie, I know of no other way 
and would really appreciate the education.

> Tom Rogers wrote:

> - it is data specific to the total application itself.

But how does it carry from one click to the next?


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