At 13.04.2002  12:04, you wrote:
>hi folks,
>i am somewhat like a new newbie, just read my first php tutorial, installed
>an apache server on my windows and php on top for testing , first question
>is : is this the right place for me here to ask questions or is this
>newsgroup rather for advanced users?

You´re welcome here, if your questions related to php. If there are specific
php-windows questions, you should ask them on the windowsPHP list.

>second question is my task i want to complete in PHP :
>i have an array for a dhtml navigation menu for my site. all the links are
>"hard coded" inside the array and are , of course , the same for the whole
>site EXCEPT for the language selection.
>now, for example, i am on a page called about.php, i am clicking on the link
>for the german version and a page called german/about.php should be
>retrieved. same for spanish.
>now, what do i do?
>i have found a php snippet that reads the current url <?php
>but can i use this somehow and how do i do that?

You can shorten this :
echo "<a href="'$HTTP_HOST."/german/".$PHP_self.'">German</a>';
echo "<a href="'$HTTP_HOST."/spanish/".$PHP_self.'">Espanol</a>';
but it should be enough if you use
echo "<a href="'german/".$PHP_self.'">German</a>';
assuming that this dir/page is locatet in the root of your vserver.
HTH Oliver

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