well, i didn't mean to offend anyone, it's just that me as a non-programmer
have quite some difficulties,
so I appreceate you telling me this and also having had a look at what i
thank's for your advice
best regards
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
Thatīs not the way to make friends,

I think nobody will read your attachments, because itīs not a php-script
and this is a PHP-LIST
also I had a quick -look on it and found this:
If you are having difficulty with the menu please read the FAQ at
http://www.milonic.co.uk/menu/faq.php before contacting us.
As I mentioned earlier, you can do a "better" menu without javascript,
compatible and functional to all browsers
using PHP. This also will load faster, (your testlink took 72sec to load in
I think you should start from scratch.
What happens If one disables JavaScript/ Java on his/her machine? ->
Nothing works

At 14.04.2002  20:35, you wrote:

>  thank's again ,
>   seems i'm too far still a newbie that the hints you gave me give me a
>  headache and don't let me succeed,
>  if you have the spare time, have a look  yourself, i have everything
>  attached, an online copy can be seen at
>  www.janusfoundation.org/test/navigations-testpage.htm.
>  the relevant lines for the links are inside the file stars_array.js on
>  162 and 163.
>  maybe you could also recommend a good book  for me that explains php for
>  dummies (if you know one in german, even better).

Look on php.net books or  ask google.

>  thanks
>  coo
>p.s : i have 3 files attached , 2 here and the 3rd in the follow up because
>the mailserver doesn't take more than 40kb.
Because they limit traffic, I wonder that your attachments found the way to
the list,
as I think they wonīt allow it.

TA Oliver

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