At 14.04.2002  14:55, you wrote:
>Thank's Oliver,
>now i have come up to this: <?
>print ("<a href=german$PHP_SELF>link german</a>");

echo '<a href="german/'.$PHP_SELF.'/link german</a>");
It should like this, but I don´t know your encironment, so I put some "/" in
hope you get it fixed
or if you want to cat these vars to a new word
$link = "german".$PHP_SELF."link german";
echo '<a href="'.$link.'">FOO</a>");

>and this seems to work as long as i add these php tags inside html, but how
>do i insert this inside my array which is in the .js format (javascript) ?
>any ideas that could help me? or would you need to look at the array?

Maybe you´re mixin´up two things, where php is enough.
But as I cannot know whats in your JavaScript, I can give you only a hint.
Your JavaScript should be echoed also, To avoid conficts with java´s "'"
you should escape them and/or the " .
so it would look like
echo " some javacode \' (foo)\' ";
And as another hint "JavaScript" is client-side while PHP is serverside.
You´re just delivering a page to the clients browser.
HTH Oliver

>Btw. excuse the question but what means HTH in the end of our reply?

Hope this helps

><[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
>At 13.04.2002  12:04, you wrote:
> >hi folks,
> >i am somewhat like a new newbie, just read my first php tutorial, installed
> >an apache server on my windows and php on top for testing , first question
> >is : is this the right place for me here to ask questions or is this
> >newsgroup rather for advanced users?
>You´re welcome here, if your questions related to php. If there are specific
>php-windows questions, you should ask them on the windowsPHP list.
> >second question is my task i want to complete in PHP :
> >
> >i have an array for a dhtml navigation menu for my site. all the links are
> >"hard coded" inside the array and are , of course , the same for the whole
> >site EXCEPT for the language selection.
> >
> >now, for example, i am on a page called about.php, i am clicking on the
> >for the german version and a page called german/about.php should be
> >retrieved. same for spanish.
> >
> >now, what do i do?
> >i have found a php snippet that reads the current url <?php
> >
> >$filelocation=$HTTP_HOST.$PHP_SELF;
> >echo($filelocation);?>
> >
> >but can i use this somehow and how do i do that?
>You can shorten this :
>echo "<a href="'$HTTP_HOST."/german/".$PHP_self.'">German</a>';
>echo "<a href="'$HTTP_HOST."/spanish/".$PHP_self.'">Espanol</a>';
>but it should be enough if you use
>echo "<a href="'german/".$PHP_self.'">German</a>';
>assuming that this dir/page is locatet in the root of your vserver.
>HTH Oliver

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