Thank's Oliver,
now i have come up to this: <?
print ("<a href=german$PHP_SELF>link german</a>");
and this seems to work as long as i add these php tags inside html, but how
do i insert this inside my array which is in the .js format (javascript) ?
any ideas that could help me? or would you need to look at the array?

thank you.

Btw. excuse the question but what means HTH in the end of our reply?
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At 13.04.2002  12:04, you wrote:
>hi folks,
>i am somewhat like a new newbie, just read my first php tutorial, installed
>an apache server on my windows and php on top for testing , first question
>is : is this the right place for me here to ask questions or is this
>newsgroup rather for advanced users?

You´re welcome here, if your questions related to php. If there are specific
php-windows questions, you should ask them on the windowsPHP list.

>second question is my task i want to complete in PHP :
>i have an array for a dhtml navigation menu for my site. all the links are
>"hard coded" inside the array and are , of course , the same for the whole
>site EXCEPT for the language selection.
>now, for example, i am on a page called about.php, i am clicking on the
>for the german version and a page called german/about.php should be
>retrieved. same for spanish.
>now, what do i do?
>i have found a php snippet that reads the current url <?php
>but can i use this somehow and how do i do that?

You can shorten this :
echo "<a href="'$HTTP_HOST."/german/".$PHP_self.'">German</a>';
echo "<a href="'$HTTP_HOST."/spanish/".$PHP_self.'">Espanol</a>';
but it should be enough if you use
echo "<a href="'german/".$PHP_self.'">German</a>';
assuming that this dir/page is locatet in the root of your vserver.
HTH Oliver

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