Very odd indeed. Well, here's my setup:
PHP 4.1.2
Apache 1.3.something
Accessing it via IE 6.0, although this should not have any bearing on

I'd be interested in knowing your versions and the versions of the first guy
that posted about this. Maybe he has the same setup as me, or close enough,
but both of us are different from you. My browser just kept loading and
loading like all was well, while task manager was skipping all over the
place and I had to wait 5 - 10 seconds after I moved my mouse for the cursor
to move. I timed the script, and after 30 secs, it was still going (although
I stopped it soon thereafter to keep from having to reboot). So I reset
php.ini's execution time limit down to 5 seconds and ran it twice more, and
both times it went well past 5 seconds.

Of course, none of this bothers me as I won't be putting while(0>1) {
header("A") } into any of my scripts, nor was I ever planning on it! :)

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> Mine produced the same error message as yours, Jason, but the memory
> and CPU usage continued until I hit the 'stop' button on the browser.
> It seemed to have overridden both time and memory limits, as it had
> racked up 320 megs of my RAM by the time I stopped it.

It certainly didn't do that here, but it could be a difference between
RAM, PHP and Apache versions (simple paranoia ;)) that causes it.

PHP clearly sent the error *to my browser* and the browser stopped loading
immediately (thus, the "fatal" error was indeed fatal, and PHP terminated
at that time).


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