Good day,

Just reading this thread, figured I would put my $0.02 in.

This is apparently a known problem.  It seems to occur whenever the php
script uses lots of memory, actually, and it does the same thing whether
it's run standalone or as a module.

I first experienced it when I had a PHP script load a 10 meg LDAP database
into memory, which took some 90 Megs of RAM to do (overhead, I guess).  If I
ran the script standalone, it wouldn't quit right away.  If it was run as a
module, Apache would have to kill the child off (it logged this activity) if
I asked Apache to shut down.  If I ran the script a few times, all of the
memory of the machine would be used up, and I'd have to kill off Apache to
get it back.

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From: Jason Soza [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
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Mine produced the same error message as yours, Jason, but the memory and CPU
usage continued until I hit the 'stop' button on the browser. It seemed to
have overridden both time and memory limits, as it had racked up 320 megs of
my RAM by the time I stopped it.


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From: Jason Murray [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
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Subject: RE: [PHP] Nasty DoS in PHP

> So that was both as an Apache mod and a CGI binary?  Sounds like it's
> reproducible.

Running as an Apache module here, it terminated as expected at 30 seconds.


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