Also win2k and apache(cgi)  
i got an internal server error, due to the malformed header, CPU usage peaked at 100% 
and then dropped off.

So i changed the code to the loop below and max execution time came up but CPU usage 
didn't drop straight off, so i had closer look, php exits after 30 seconds but the CPU 
usage continues in ie and apache and the page keeps loading, so i think that's down to 
output buffering . interestingly i had no trouble loading phpmyadmin and running a 
query while this was happening, it was just a little slower......

while(0<1) {
  echo $a."<br>";

So if you want to crash your server with an infinite loop there's plenty of ways to do 
it. <g>
Paul Roberts

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From: "Jason Soza" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: Thursday, April 18, 2002 7:29 AM
Subject: RE: [PHP] Nasty DoS in PHP

> Very odd indeed. Well, here's my setup:
> Windoze2K
> PHP 4.1.2
> Apache 1.3.something
> Accessing it via IE 6.0, although this should not have any bearing on
> anything
> I'd be interested in knowing your versions and the versions of the first guy
> that posted about this. Maybe he has the same setup as me, or close enough,
> but both of us are different from you. My browser just kept loading and
> loading like all was well, while task manager was skipping all over the
> place and I had to wait 5 - 10 seconds after I moved my mouse for the cursor
> to move. I timed the script, and after 30 secs, it was still going (although
> I stopped it soon thereafter to keep from having to reboot). So I reset
> php.ini's execution time limit down to 5 seconds and ran it twice more, and
> both times it went well past 5 seconds.
> Of course, none of this bothers me as I won't be putting while(0>1) {
> header("A") } into any of my scripts, nor was I ever planning on it! :)
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> From: Jason Murray [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: Wednesday, April 17, 2002 10:13 PM
> To: 'Jason Soza'; [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Subject: RE: [PHP] Nasty DoS in PHP
> > Mine produced the same error message as yours, Jason, but the memory
> > and CPU usage continued until I hit the 'stop' button on the browser.
> > It seemed to have overridden both time and memory limits, as it had
> > racked up 320 megs of my RAM by the time I stopped it.
> It certainly didn't do that here, but it could be a difference between
> RAM, PHP and Apache versions (simple paranoia ;)) that causes it.
> PHP clearly sent the error *to my browser* and the browser stopped loading
> immediately (thus, the "fatal" error was indeed fatal, and PHP terminated
> at that time).
> J
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