> Whats the best way of keeping this page temporarily in existence ??
> I don't want the query to run every time when they have changed no
> information and I don't want the Warning Page has expired please re-submit
> details when the reload the page !
> At the moment I'm thinking I can create a temporary static version of the
> page ?
> but would like to here some other opinions about it !

You could generate temporary pages but unless they're on a ramdisk more than
likely they'll cause more disk i/o usage than just rerunning the query every
time the person accessed the page.  As for elimininating the repost warning
if someone refreshes the page that's simple....change your search for to use
the GET method instead of POST....this then has all the variables
transmitted via the URL and has no warning messages associated with it if a
person refreshes the page or returns to that page using the forward/back
navigation buttons on their browser.


Craig Vincent

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