When I run:

$number = 0.023884057998657;
echo round($number, 3);
echo number_format($number, 3);

Both function output "0.024", both functions round the last digit.  This is
contrary to the example in the manual which shows this:

$number = 1234.5678;

// english notation without thousands seperator
$english_format_number = number_format($number, 2, '.', '');
// 1234.56


My output for the above is:
1234.57 not 1234.56

I'm using PHP Version 4.0.6

I would consider using the following to truncate a number if you do not want
to round.  There may be a better way, but this seems to work fine.

substr($number, 0,strpos($number, ".")+4);

Robert V. Zwink

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> I have a script that outputs this:
> 0.023884057998657
> What's the command to make it shrink down to this:
> 0.023
> I thought it was eregi() something, but I forgot.  sorry

It depends on what you need.

If you want to round the number off to 3 decimal points use the round()
function.  However if you don't want to round and instead just want to
truncate the number, the number_format() function would be what you need.


Craig Vincent

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