JSP does not ever run in the browser. JSP is a server side technology
designed to compete with ASP. PHP is similar in that it too is a server
side language and can be embedded into html pages. Java tends to be
considerably slower than PHP but the Java folks have made great strides
towards overcoming this. As far as compiling scripts, both Java and PHP
are capable of doing this if the correct software is installed on the
server. In PHP's case this is the Zend Optimizer - in the case of Java,
I am not certain but I think this would require a Sun web server; both
solutions cost $$$. However, as far as PHP is concerned there are many
open source free caching solutions available. This is perhaps true for
Java as well. Unless your site is going to get many users per second
this is probably not necessary. Ultimately, running LAMP (Linux, Apache,
MySQL and PHP) will cost less and is probably faster. Many solutions, to
my knowledge, requiring Java cost $$$ while LAMP is completely Open
source. (Read the licenses for more info). 

Matt Friedman


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Sorry if this is repeated, but I didn't see my query in the news group
reposting it !
Dear all,
How is PHP similar to / different than JSP ? I mean, in JSP the page is
compiled the first time it runs on the web-browser, then the next time
finds the .class file and just runs it. i.e. the compiling is "just" the
first time !! How does it work in PHP? Does PHP has any way to figure
whether it's first time ? that is does PHP compile .php file to some
.compiled_php type and then it gives the output ?

Thanks a lot.

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