Thanks for that !
But my question still remains the same ... does PHP alone (without ZEND)
compile code into some .compiled_PHP file so that the user loading same page
for 2nd time gets better response than the 1st time?


"Matt Friedman" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
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> JSP does not ever run in the browser. JSP is a server side technology
> designed to compete with ASP. PHP is similar in that it too is a server
> side language and can be embedded into html pages. Java tends to be
> considerably slower than PHP but the Java folks have made great strides
> towards overcoming this. As far as compiling scripts, both Java and PHP
> are capable of doing this if the correct software is installed on the
> server. In PHP's case this is the Zend Optimizer - in the case of Java,
> I am not certain but I think this would require a Sun web server; both
> solutions cost $$$. However, as far as PHP is concerned there are many
> open source free caching solutions available. This is perhaps true for
> Java as well. Unless your site is going to get many users per second
> this is probably not necessary. Ultimately, running LAMP (Linux, Apache,
> MySQL and PHP) will cost less and is probably faster. Many solutions, to
> my knowledge, requiring Java cost $$$ while LAMP is completely Open
> source. (Read the licenses for more info).
> Matt Friedman

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