Caching is not going against PHP as long as whenever the file is changed of 
the 1st access it would be cached, rather then caching php scripts based on 
some arbitrary timer.

Ideally the caching script would on the 1st access of the script convert the 
script to binary code which can then be executed right away without needing 
to pass through an interpreter. Just like you would run a compiled C program. 
I suspect such caching solution would greatly boost the speed of any PHP 
page. Unfortunately, as far as I know no current PHP caching solution does 


On May 4, 2002 12:18 pm, Pag wrote:
> >Does PHP compile : NO
> >Does the user loading same page for 2nd time gets better response : YES it
> >can if caching is provided
>          On a side not..isnt caching a bit like going against why PHP was
> built in the first place? I mean, information may get a bit out of date if
> we get a page on the cache instead of getting it "fresh" from the server.
>          Pag

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