Sp wrote:
> Does anyone think caching should be built into php for it to edge out the 
> (like what smarty is doing)
> I mean a static page will always serve up faster then a dynamic one.  Also even if 
>you are
> getting 100 pages/sec on your database, you could cache it for 5 seconds and you 
>save 500
> accesses to your database.  Yeah the page would be at most 5 seconds old but no one 
> know.

I have been doing that for quite some time and I can tell that it is not 
worthy to cache just database query results but rather the pages that 
are generated with the data that is returned with such queries.

For that I have developed of a robust class that caches pages in files 
while it prevents that concurrent accesses update the cache files 
simultaneously to prevent corrupting the cached data.

You may want to try getting it here:


Manuel Lemos

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