In PHP programming this can be a complex issue. An excellent example of 
caching or re-handling data is the Smarty Template Engine, .  It may seem a rather 
redundant idea to cache and create scripts in PHP which is already part 
of the HTML documents, but for highly complex sites this can become a 


On Saturday, May 4, 2002, at 11:18  AM, Pag wrote:

>> Does PHP compile : NO
>> Does the user loading same page for 2nd time gets better response : 
>> YES it can if caching is provided
>         On a side not..isnt caching a bit like going against why PHP 
> was built in the first place? I mean, information may get a bit out of 
> date if we get a page on the cache instead of getting it "fresh" from 
> the server.
>         Pag
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