Are you able to do an nslookup of these domains from the server?

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From: Liam Gibbs [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Sent: Wednesday, July 03, 2002 12:58 PM
Subject: [PHP] Exim sendmail faults

I apologize; this may be more a question for the
people in php-install. But I'm having some problems
with my mail stuff in PHP.

I have Exim version 3.12 installed, but I'm not
getting any mails sent out by PHP. I *do* get this
error mail, however:

This is automatically emailed back to me:

This message was created automatically by mail
delivery software.

A message that you sent could not be delivered to
one or more of its recipients. The following
address(es) failed:

     unrouteable mail domain ""

This is in the error log files:

2002-07-02 03:26:13 17PI3B-0003sM-00 <=
P=local S=2
2002-07-02 03:26:13 17PI3B-0003sM-00 **
unrouteable mail d
omain ""
2002-07-02 03:26:13 17PI3B-0003sO-00 <= <>
R=17PI3B-0003sM-00 U=mail
P=local S=1
2002-07-02 03:26:13 17PI3B-0003sM-00 Error message
sent to
2002-07-02 03:26:13 17PI3B-0003sM-00 Completed
2002-07-02 03:26:13 17PI3B-0003sO-00 => root
2002-07-02 03:26:13 17PI3B-0003sO-00 Completed

Any thoughts? I know all these e-mail addresses and ip
addresses are valid (they're either mine or of
acquaintances), but the server seems to fight me on
this one.

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