Unfortunately I discarded the earlier messages, so I don't know what your 
error is.
Do you have a fixed IP or do you have something like the Mpowered service 
where you're behind sympatico's NAT server?

Can you use exim to send mail from the console? Is sympatcio allowing this?

You may have to configure exim to use sympatico's SMTP server. (It's been 
so long since I've done that I forget how, and it was a real trial and 
error approach.)

This probably isn't much help - Miles Thompson

PS You may want to post this on the list; some mail guru's read 
it. /mt

At 01:58 PM 7/4/2002 -0400, Liam Gibbs wrote:
>Chris Hewitt wrote:
> > I was going to ask you whether a normal user on your computer could send
> > mail (OK, root counts). As the answer is no, it is not a problem with
> > your php setup.
> >
> > has several MX entries, the first of which is
> > and I can ping that from here. I also get a
> > response by telnetting to port 25. I conclude that I could send email to
> > that address (whether the user would be accepted I don't know).
> >
> > As you presently cannot from your computer, I guess its an Exim
> > configuration issue (which I know nothing about), but have you
> > configured it up for your computer, domain etc.?
>Ok, perhaps I should explain the server set up a bit more...
>This will end up being off topic for PHP I think but perhaps
>there is someone who may be able to help me (I will also post
>this information on the Exim mailing list I just discovered).
> is a large internet provider which I have an
>ADSL connection through. Any servers don't belong
>to me but to the provider.
>Off this ADSL connection is a BSD box which does my firewalling,
>etc. Behind that box is the web server which is called
> ( being my domain). On this
>server is a Debian Linux box which runs Apache with PHP,
>the Exim mail server, etc.
>So, any idea what I could be missing from my configuration
>that would let me ping addresses nslookup them but not
>send mail to them?
>Any other questions/information needed?
>thx for the help!
> > Liam Gibbs wrote:
> >
> > >
> > >Ok, fair enough.
> > >
> > >Here are the full errors I get when I try to mail "[EMAIL PROTECTED]"
> > >(BTW, I'm doing it as root but I get the same errors no matter who
> > >I'm logged in as or if I do it through PHP):
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