Liam Gibbs wrote:

>Miles Thompson wrote:
>>Can you use exim to send mail from the console? Is sympatcio allowing this?
>Sympatico allows it but I can't do it (I used to have another
>box that did this but it got hacked and pretty much destroyed...)
One quick test is to set up an email client (Netscape whatever) to talk 
to sympatico's smtp server directly (leaving out your exim server). If 
you can send mail from this then permissions to send are OK, and we look 
around the Exim configuration.

>>You may have to configure exim to use sympatico's SMTP server. (It's been
>>so long since I've done that I forget how, and it was a real trial and
>>error approach.)
>I don't think I have to use their SMTP server. My old one (which used
>Sendmail itself rather than Exim) was set up to act as it's own
>SMTP server and worked well. I wish it hadn't been hacked *cries*
True, but you will need one that allows you to connect. As I'm on a 
dialup line here, I use my isp's servers in case I'm not on line 
(receiving) and to save me the time in connecting directly to the 
recipient (sending). As you are behind a firewall, your host name will 
probably not be resolvable and that may have a problem. I suggest you 
try setting your isp's smtp server as the smart-host (sendmail term, 
don't know what exim calls it) and give it a try. If you used to use 
sendmail, do you still have the working file? If so that 
will give you most of the information you need.

Hope this helps.

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