I was going to ask you whether a normal user on your computer could send 
mail (OK, root counts). As the answer is no, it is not a problem with 
your php setup. has several MX entries, the first of which is and I can ping that from here. I also get a 
response by telnetting to port 25. I conclude that I could send email to 
that address (whether the user would be accepted I don't know).

As you presently cannot from your computer, I guess its an Exim 
configuration issue (which I know nothing about), but have you 
configured it up for your computer, domain etc.?

Hope this helps.

Liam Gibbs wrote:

>Ok, fair enough.
>Here are the full errors I get when I try to mail "[EMAIL PROTECTED]"
>(BTW, I'm doing it as root but I get the same errors no matter who
>I'm logged in as or if I do it through PHP):

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