Chris Shiflett wrote:

> How do sessions help against this? Well, they don't solve the problem 
> entirely, of course, but the unique ID you pass around won't be the same 
> unique ID *every* time that user visits the site. So, you at least have 
> a good chance of making the window of time that an imposter has to work 
> with very small.

If you want to avoid even this small window, just store on a db file the 
session numbers you give away, along with the IP address of the user who 
got it. Then when you get a new request for that session check the IP 
you are getting it from and you are 100% sure the guy is who he says to be.

There is one side-effect, though. Users on unstable dial-up lines do 
lose their sessions when they get disconnected and call again. It may 
have an impact on sales.




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