Miguel Cruz wrote:
> I'd suggest ignoring IP altogether and focusing on other tactics. There 
> are just too many pitfalls in trusting IPs and too much user annoyance 
> possible from not trusting them.

Well, the way I made it admins get emailed each every time a user gets 
because of a bad IP, and they can decide to apply a control policy from 
0 to 4
octets check. It seems fair to me: admins will be annoyed by emails just as
much as users will be annoyed by their security policy. This should lead to
some balance, in the long run :)

Chances are most commercial sites will set the check IP rule to 0 but in 
case someone wants a strict check he can configure the system to do so. 
I guess this will fit everybody. And of course we do have all the other 
stuff, so even without IP checks the systems remain pretty secure.

Thanks for helping



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