Chris Shiflett wrote:

> These are just some ideas, mind you. Many people (you sound like such a 
> person) can develop their applications quite securely once they can step 
> back and see the big picture and follow a few general guidelines, such 
> as not trusting data from the client. In this case, the data from the 
> client is like a driver's license, and rather than just use the license 
> number, we're also checking their photograph and other personal 
> information, so that an imposter has a more difficult time. :)

Thanks a lot! We have actually decided to use the fact that 
off will end up paralyzing our legacy stuff to write a core object 
system that
will be shared among all of our customers and have security built in at 
very low level. So you actually did help in projecting a number of sites 
security by answering to my annoying questions :)) I made sure you got 
credited for this on the source docs.

Thanks again :)



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