Dear Richard,

Again thank you for your reply. I'm sorry to keep bothering you. Please 
tell me when to stop.

Let me explain what I'm trying to do and maybe you'll point me in the right 

I'm developing a "paid" Web site for business courses. Some pages will be 
available to all visitors (e.g. the Home page). Other pages will be 
available to "paid" visitors. The usernames, passwords, and courses paid 
for will be stored in a MySQL table. One of the pages will be a form to ask 
a user for his/her username, password, and course paid for. The form will 
be sent to a PHP script that validates the responses. I' know how to do 
this. In that PHP script I'd like to create a "session variable" (i.e.: the 
course #) that would be used to validate each page of the course.

At the top of each course page (PHP script) there would be an if statement 
(if course # equals "session variable" display page, else go elsewhere).

Can you help?

Thank you!


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