On Thu, 4 Jul 2002, Alberto Serra wrote:
>> As a caveat to Mr. Serra's suggestion, remember that there are *many*
>> users who will go through an IP masquerading gateway or proxy, so
>> their IP may fluctuate, even though they are actively browsing. For
>> this reason, it is often necessary to tolerate some fluctuation in
>> the IP address, perhaps only in the last octet though.
> Thanks, I guess I'll just do that. I was actually wondering how to leave 
> this barrier up without being nasty to normal users. That also solves 
> the dial-up problem, at least much of it, as callers will fluctuate 
> mostly on the last octet if they do reconnect through the same ISP, 
> right? Besides, IP masquerading gateways ARE a problem with the 
> suggestion I gave. And I guess this also explains why we are having so 
> much trouble in counting users (that is, IPs) whenever ADSL connection 
> come around. Any suggestion?

I'd suggest ignoring IP altogether and focusing on other tactics. There 
are just too many pitfalls in trusting IPs and too much user annoyance 
possible from not trusting them.


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