Martin Clifford wrote:
> I usually always have my content dynamically generated by functions, 
 >or displayed in include files.  I'm not a  fan of cluttering up my 
apps with content.

me neither. You can mix up code and content only as long as you work 
alone. But in most project (even very small ones) design resources and 
coding resources are not the same person, as design is largely a matter 
of customer taste, while proper coding is not.

Sometimes you have two people that are *far* from each other. Sometimes 
they do not even have a common language. So the less they need to 
interact, the better.

Besides, if the two things are well separeted you can port an 
application from one design to another with little effort. Sort of 
changing "skin" to a site. But you are attempting suicide when you do 
that on a site that mixes the two components.



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