While I can't speak for others, in our office we use template files which 
contain all HTML and then parse content generated from php scripts into 
them about 90% of the time.  Not only does separating your code from your 
HTML make it easier to change the look of a site, but it also makes the 
code much easier to maintain.  If you're interested I would recommend 
checking out the FastTemplate class for an example of how this works.

At 02:42 PM 7/10/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>I'm definitely curious and want to check out the debugging tools,
>performance analyzer, and database connectivity tools provided by PHPEd.
>I get the impression most developers do not integrate coding and content.
>Is this correct?
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>These first two things are immediately obvious to even first time users and
>will speed things up, but the real benefits come from other items such as a
>integrated debugging tools, performance analyzers, a good class browser,
>and built in database connectivity.  If you're working in a team
>environment having an IDE which has built-in support for a content
>verification system can also be a huge advantage.  Again, these features
>will only benefit someone who knows how to use them.
>Unfortunately I have yet to find a truly good PHP IDE.  The two best I've
>found to date are NuSphere's PHPEd 3.0.0 (which unfortunately has dozens of
>minor, but annoying bugs) and the Zend IDE (which is very nice, but it
>crawls on anything but the fastest systems).  If either of these fix the
>for-mentioned issues I'd be the first in line to purchase them.
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