WYSIWYG does nothing more for me than screw up my code.  I'm very anal about how my 
code looks, firstly.  Secondly, most WYSIWYG editors add superfluous markup into code 
which not only inflates the file size of your documents, but also slows down 
processing of them.

I'm not saying that WYSIWYG isn't right for you, because obviously it is.  I'm just 
saying that, to me, it might as well be fingernails running down a chalkboard for all 
the good it *doesn't* do me, personally.


>>> "Lazor, Ed" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 07/10/02 02:10PM >>>
I like WYSIWYG integration.  It allows me to code the page and then focus
separately on web page content.  That debugger in PHPEd looks pretty cool...
too bad they don't have WYSIWYG.

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