I am too.  I've developed an approach to coding with Dreamweaver that allows
me to take advantage of WYSIWYG and my own style of coding at the same time.
The MX version of Dreamweaver is supposed to add support for code snipets,
and a few other things.  I'm looking forward to checking them out.

Oh, and Dreamweaver has provided the most efficient WYSIWYG created code
that I've seen so far.

So... what do you do when it comes to creating actual content that's
separate from the coding?

My personal approach has been doing the coding necessary to create templates
and then opening templates in Dreamweaver and filling in the blanks.


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WYSIWYG does nothing more for me than screw up my code.  I'm very anal about
how my code looks, firstly.  Secondly, most WYSIWYG editors add superfluous
markup into code which not only inflates the file size of your documents,
but also slows down processing of them.

I'm not saying that WYSIWYG isn't right for you, because obviously it is.
I'm just saying that, to me, it might as well be fingernails running down a
chalkboard for all the good it *doesn't* do me, personally.
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