I don't know about anyone else,
But in linux I use vi and as of yesterday I downloaded
Vi for windows, it has great colours for coding...

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> Sent: Thursday, 11 July 2002 5:13 AM
> Subject: Re: [PHP] Development Tools
> On 10 Jul 2002 at 18:07, Uwe Birkenhain wrote:
> > I think that - on windows - nothing is better than textpad 
> > (www.textpad.com). Simply the best editor the world has seen so far!
> > 
> > What makes development tools better than a good editor? (serious
> > question)
> Well let me get my 2 cents in. It's a religious question. But oh 
> well.  I recently had a lot of trouble with someone at work about 
> this, so I'm gonna rant.
> I too use TextPad and have been since I'm too lazy to get really good 
> at vi or emacs. I also know and use Perl extensively as a code 
> generator. Someone talked about the work in creating a form, just 
> give me the keys and boom form is done and read to be handed to the 
> designers to ruin in their special way.  You could use Ruby or Rebol 
> or even Python I guess or PHP on the command line but I can't imagine 
> anyting being faster than a Perl script (to write).
> I keep trying these IDE tools. I type about 70+ wpm, so you can 
> imagine I'm not a fan of my hand speding half it's time in the air 
> between keyboard and mouse. I also try never to repeat the same code 
> twice so I don't cut and paste ... I put common functions in modules 
> and use them but few IDEs that I've used easily allow me to use those 
> or I haven't seen how. If anyone wants to create a great IDE for Perl 
> I'd love to help. It should work for PHP as well.
> I also separate my programming from my view and since I'm a 
> programmer and not a designer the visual view is not paramount to me 
> and can always be done later or at the same time by me or someone 
> else. I have a feeling that most PHP programmers also do their own 
> design and that's a reason for so much PHP stuff to have html strewn 
> all over the place.  In any case I always think in terms of a theme 
> and since I've got most of my html code abstracted into "boxes" it's 
> just a question of my program to manipulate and supply the proper 
> data to the template.
> So for me, the best development tools are:
> 1. Imagination
> 2. Knowledge of your tools (language, PHP, HTML, CSS, etc. in this 
> case)
> 3. Knowledge of the computer and it's potential (I use NT as desktop 
> but have cygwin and use unix command tools and lots and lots of perl 
> scripts to aid 
> in development)
> 4. A good text editor (there are lots, they all have macros, revision 
> control, keyboard commands for as much as possible).
> Personally, I've never worked with a programmer who taught me 
> anything who used Dreamweaver or FrontPage etc ... all the good ones 
> I know use vi, emacs, textpad, etc.  I'd suggest using a text editor 
> and then moving to an IDE or more advanced GUI and knowing that it is 
> faster for you as opposed to starting with an IDE or GUI because 
> you'll probably end up like most people and begin to think 
> possiblities are what your tool allows you.
> Peter
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