On Sun, 21 Jul 2002, Richard Lynch wrote:
> Actually, though, when my clients insist on HTML email, I just tell
> them:  "No.  If you want that feature, you'll have to hire somebody else
> to do it.  I've already explained why."  I don't think I've lost a
> single client that way -- Every one of them has re-considered my advice,
> and outright refusal, and decided maybe I *do* know what the hell I'm
> talking about.  YMMV.

I agree with everything you say. Furthermore, I think that when I'm being 
paid for my expertise, I have a specific responsibility to stop people 
from doing stupid things, even if they do happen to really want them. 
There is no honor - and in the long term, no future - in casting aside my 
better judgment because I once read that "the customer is always right."


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