On 07/23/2002 03:14 AM, Miguel Cruz wrote:
>>Anyway, would you object to develop a system for a customer where it is 
>>needed to send messages to clients that do not oppose to receive 
>>messages in HTML? If so, why?
> I have never had a customer say "We have three people, and I personally
> installed their email client, and I want to develop a web-based system for
> sending mail to them."

Odd! Haven't you ever had a customer that had a site and wanted to send 
a newsletters to site users that voluntarily subscribe to it? If you 
had, wouldn't you find reasonable that many users may prefer HTML 
messages where the actual documents can be presented in richer forms 
than in plain text?

> What I have heard quite a lot is "We have a growing list of clients and I
> would like to send mail to all of them." This customer is not served by
> having a system that sends confusing scrambled-looking messages to their
> clients.  Better everyone has a slightly blander experience than 10% of
> the users be permanently alienated.

Ok, but wouldn't is be more reasonable if you proposed a system that 
would let the customers decide wether they would get messages in HTML or 

> If they have a way to definitively determine that users are consistently 
> using HTML-capable MUAs, that's excellent, and I would not discourage them 
> from sending HTML-formatted messages to those users.

One obvious way is asking the users which format they prefer.


Manuel Lemos

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