Hi all...

I want to know how do you guys learn so much about PHP?

I have just started PHP about a month and a half ago and pior to that, I have 
ABSOLUTELY NO knowledge in programming.

I bought 2 books, which is Begining PHP4 (Wrox Press) and Core PHP programming 
(Prentice Hall). And that's all I can afford now... (I don't have a lot of money.. i 
learn using my friend's computer). However, I am determined to specialize in PHP. 

Can anyone point me towards a direction on how to do this properly?

Can anyone guide me through by letting me do a small part (more importantly not 
critical) of your projects as an excercise so that I can start a journey of discovery?

Thanks to all of you. And most of all thanks to all of your generosity.

Wee Keat

"Good timber does not grow with ease; the stronger the wind, the stronger the trees."

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