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Wow!! That's a heck lot of info for me to digest! Thank you so much for all
that trouble!

Very useful stuffs... can't thank you enuff...

Wee Keat

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> On 31 Jul 2002 at 11:38, Martin Towell wrote:
> > The best way to become proficient in programming (or anything, come to
> > that) is with _lots_ of practice.
> ...snip
> > Personally, I don't bog myself down in code from the start. I think in
> > sorta pseudo-code, then once I have a solution, I then implement in
> > language-specific code.
> I whole-heartedly agree with the above.
> It's all to easy to just start spinning out code and weaving things
together and before you know it you've got something. But then come the
> inevitable changes, how will your code handle it?
> I would suggest reading some Steve McConnell.
> That's the author's affiliate id, doesn't hurt to help them make more
money. It links to "Code Complete". As one reviewer says:
> > Code Complete showed me that it's a lot more than that, beginning by
> > designing your program, not just starting to write code right away, up
> > to topics like naming conventions for variables, how to determine what
> > code to put into a routine or how to make your program easier to debug.
> I cannot emphsize enough to follow some sort of standard. At least to read
through the standard once.
> http://pear.php.net/manual/en/standards.php
> Pragmatic Programmer is also quite good:
> Anyone with 3/4 a brain can throw together some code to do something.
You've got thousands of examples and you might stumble across
> some of mine. It is another thing entirely to write code that will form a
basis for evolution. The web is all about evolution. We always have to get
> the latest project done yesterday and then before we've even tested it
we've got changes coming in ... thinking about what you are going to do
> and how you are going to grow it and test it are very important.
> Peter
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