Hi Wee. I also started with PHP about 3 months ago and also without
having any prior programming experience. Right now, I have a portfolio
of 2 network PHP software and working on 2 Internet projects. I think
the best advise I or anyone else would give you, is to keep up with this
list and others also from php.net (that's what I do... read all of them
mails? Of course I do ;)

As I write this, the response from Justin just came in... and he's
right. Try to make your own self-developed project, even if it's never
going to be more than a site in your computer (or your friend's).
Another good advise, would be to make searches in the web for sites that
will share you code snippets (most of them are free because you know...
PHP is open source ;) and store them in your favorite's folder... that
way you will be able to know how others solved their problems and
probably help you save time.

I also read a couple of books while practicing at home and having fun
but one of them is meant to teach you MySQL Data Base usage and
administration through PHP... You should also look for the mailing list
in www.mysql.com and stick to them... at least the main one (unless of
course, you already have made another choice regarding data bases).

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> Subject: [PHP] How to become a good PHP coder?
> Hi all...
> I want to know how do you guys learn so much about PHP?
> I have just started PHP about a month and a half ago and pior to that,
> have ABSOLUTELY NO knowledge in programming.
> I bought 2 books, which is Begining PHP4 (Wrox Press) and Core PHP
> programming (Prentice Hall). And that's all I can afford now... (I
> have a lot of money.. i learn using my friend's computer). However, I
> determined to specialize in PHP.
> Can anyone point me towards a direction on how to do this properly?
> Can anyone guide me through by letting me do a small part (more
> importantly not critical) of your projects as an excercise so that I
> start a journey of discovery?
> Thanks to all of you. And most of all thanks to all of your
> Yours,
> Wee Keat
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> the trees."

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