IFF they just left one of your other sites, then you should be able to pass
a variable in the other site's header such as:


if the variable isn't set, then they came from a site you don't own.

or you could send them to a unique function-name where you can then record a
hit on that function-name.
function unique_name()
    $hit="came from my other site";
    pseudo code -- store $hit;
    function run_me(you really want to run)
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Subject: [PHP] Tricky question - referrer from ousite, or from intern?

> Hi there,
> I have a tricky problem which I honestly think is not possible to solve.
> However maybe I am wrong.
> As you all know it is possible on php.net to pass a function name just
> behind the adress (e.G. php.net/function-name) this will redirct to the
> propper page. I did the same thing with member sites (e.G
> server.com/member-name) Now I am starting a referrer programm. Every
> who follows a link like from anywhere on the net and registeres will be
> tracked and the referrer gets a point. Now I did forget that I do have
> several of this links on my site itself :-) Which means that they have
> aquired on my site by accident :-)
> My question is how can I make sure that they do come from outside and are
> not surfing my site already. I do set a coockie as soon as someone enteres
> this adress, but it would be fantastic if I could do a if statement on
> something to make sure he does not come from my own site. I would like to
> keep all the links like that, just to find a way to track the origin of
> user.
> Thank you so much for any idea on this tricky task,
> Andy
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