$_SERVER['HTTP_REFERRER'] (or is it $_ENV['HTTP_REFERRER']?) is your only
option.  Unfortunately it's not guaranteed to be set by the browser, so your
current method of accepting and tracking referrers is flawed, sorry.

A page.php?aid=xxxxx entry point, combined with sessions or cookies to keep
track of the affiliate ID is a proven method of making things work.

Justin French

on 27/08/02 6:25 PM, Andy ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> How can I find out (in PHP) that someone is comming from a different site.
> Some variable like $_HTTP[referrer] might track this. I hope there is
> something like this :-)
> So I could do something like this:
> if ($_HTTP[referrer] != myserver.com){
> //set a cookie
> }
> You get the idea?

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