on 27/08/02 7:00 PM, Andy ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> However.. you think it might be not sure that this workes for every browser?
> PUh... thats bad. Do u have examples for that? It workes with IE on PC.

I don't actually know of any that don't set the referrer, and probably 99%
of your vistors WILL set it, but there WILL be some that don't.  Even if you
tested every IE and Netscape version known to exist on both Mac and PC,
there's still hundreds of other lesser known browsers, text-to-speach
browsers for the blind, PDAs and hand-helds, web-tv, internet-fridges, etc
etc.  There is no way you can possibly test all of these, and since they
aren't REQUIRED to set the referrer, it's foolish to rely on it.

Justin French

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