I responded to this in a private email to you, and not on the forum...  I
did respond.  I will post here again so there is no question;

>I want to force it to use a cookie that points to a transparent SID on
>my system.

what I mean by this is it was my understanding when reading the sessions
doc's that there was a way to for the system to use a stored system ID
stored in an SID, but the information wouldn't be sent to the browser, but
be stored in a cookie.

>With use_trans_sid set, PHP is going to append the session ID to the URL
>of links, etc., on:

I tried setting the user_trans_sid = 0, but it still will not use a cookie.
it doesn't appear to change anything when I play with these settings.

"Chris Shiflett" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> You've already posted this, and you never answered the questions that
> were asked. Thus, your question is every bit as unclear as the previous
> time.
> Perhaps if you put forth a little effort, we might also.
> Just a helpful suggestion,
> Chris
> Jeff Bluemel wrote:
> >still looking for some solutions on this - anybody else have any
> >suggestions?
> >

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