One quick thought ...

Is your cookie domain the same domain as the URL domain you are using to 
test this? If not, the browser will not send the cookie, so that is a 
potential reason for this behavior.

If the domain is the same, I see no reason why this shouldn't work, but 
I have two ideas you can try.

1. Rather than using the name of the cookie, try this on the receiving page:


This should dump the entire array to the screen and would reveal any 
naming problems.

2. View the HTTP transactions themselves to make sure the proper 
Set-Cookie and Cookie headers are being used. There are several 
utilities that can help do this, and I recently wrote one in PHP (it's a 
quick hack though) you can get at The messages 
of interest are the original HTTP response from your Web server (which 
should contain the Set-Cookie header) and any future HTTP request (which 
should contain the Cookie header). This is the most reliable way to 
really analyze these types of problems.

Hopefully these ideas will help uncover something.


Jeff Bluemel wrote:

>ok - no cookie exists...  I have Netscape set to accept all cookies.

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