I put this block of code in, and all of the array's they should send back
are 100% blank.  I will try the protoscope to see what I can turn up on

"Chris Shiflett" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Jeff,
> One quick thought ...
> Is your cookie domain the same domain as the URL domain you are using to
> test this? If not, the browser will not send the cookie, so that is a
> potential reason for this behavior.
> If the domain is the same, I see no reason why this shouldn't work, but
> I have two ideas you can try.
> 1. Rather than using the name of the cookie, try this on the receiving
> <pre>
> <?
> print_r($_COOKIE);
> ?>
> </pre>
> This should dump the entire array to the screen and would reveal any
> naming problems.
> 2. View the HTTP transactions themselves to make sure the proper
> Set-Cookie and Cookie headers are being used. There are several
> utilities that can help do this, and I recently wrote one in PHP (it's a
> quick hack though) you can get at http://protoscope.org/. The messages
> of interest are the original HTTP response from your Web server (which
> should contain the Set-Cookie header) and any future HTTP request (which
> should contain the Cookie header). This is the most reliable way to
> really analyze these types of problems.
> Hopefully these ideas will help uncover something.
> Chris
> Jeff Bluemel wrote:
> >ok - no cookie exists...  I have Netscape set to accept all cookies.
> >

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