I'm just starting to use PHP with mySQL, and I have a few basic
questions.  I've successfully created a mySQL database on my local
machine, was able to create tables and populate them (from the command
line), query it with php from the browser, etc - no problems there.  Now
I need to create one on a remote server.

1) Since I have access to the ftp, is that login/pass valid for the
mysql database?  if not, is there a location where this information (l/p
to mySQL) is stored?

2) Are there concrete files in mySQL?  For example, can i create the
database i want from my local machine and then upload it?  where are
they located?  this is the most puzzling to me - i don't understand how
these databases seem to exist in thin air...

3) How do i go about getting that command line setting, the one that i
use to create tables and add things and whatever on my local machine, on
a remote server?  do they have to have telnet enabled?

4)  what is phpmyAdmin?  could this help my situation?

any help would be greatly appreciated....


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