Very slightly OT but great minds here

I have a table with two columns and I need to get all the items that are
not in the shop number I select, with the exception of items that are in
the shop number I select.


Shopnumber                      item
1                               orange
1                               banana
1                               apple
1                               pear
2                               grape
2                               coca cola
2                               pepsi
3                               orange
4                               orange
4                               pepsi
4                               7 up
4                               sunny delite

I need to be able to work out all the items that are in the other shops.
For example if a customer picks orange from shopnumber 1 I need to get a
result that has all items in all shops except shop1
The problem is my query still picks items that are in shop1 if they are
in another shop as well, which is not what I need

My current query is select * from table where shopnumber!=$shoprvar. 
As an example if I use select * from table where shopnumber!=1 I would
get grape, coca-cola,pepsi (x2),7 up, sunny delite and orange (x2). I
don't want orange because it is in shop1!!!!!

Help and BIG THANKS for the ANSWER?


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