Just a quick addition, both the submit/link were very basic, they both
worked like this

$location = "/cgi-bin/getmailtest.cgi";
// $location = "getmail.php";
echo "$location<br>";
print("<a href=$location>Click here to test the cgi</a><br>\n");

print("<form name=form1 method=post action=$location>");
print("press the button to try the cgi as a redirect this way<br>");
print("<input type=submit value=\"try it\">");

(that was because I was messing round with differing locations of the cgi,
different extensions etc.. made it easier to set the actual cgi as a
variable, thats all)

Eventually if I can get this to work, it will have to accept a variable as
well being passed (the identifier), something like

Thanks again

Hope someone can help

David Cook

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