Ok, that's a big step forward then. It's possible that your user does
not have access to the directory tree where the file resides? Have you
tried listing that directory and or opening the file (for example with
cat) while using that file? If you can narrow it down to a permission
problem (and, at this point, I think that's exactly where the problem
is), that it should just be a matter of trying a few things out.

On Sun, 2002-10-13 at 23:23, David Cook wrote:
> hmmm safe mode is disabled - for the apache module version
> from phpinfo()
> safe_mode Off Off
> > Just out of curiosity--have you tried su-ing to the Apache user and
> > executing your script as that user?
> yep, same result (although I had to change the apache user for a few minutes
> so it had a shell.. lol) as if I ran it off the web (file does not exist),
> this still seems to tie into permissions perhaps, but I am having trouble
> nailing enough data down so far to point to specifics.
> I didnt make this server from scratch, it came pre-installed with a lot of
> the items on it as part of a co-lo deal, the next few I build however will
> be from the ground up even if it takes longer... and probably without using
> RPM's for a lot of it... I've learned a fair bit the last 9 months or so
> about the shortcomings as well as the benefits of using RPM's.
> Thanks again for the thoughts, will test out some more stuff (this is just
> plain getting me determined to work it out... stubborn I spose)
> Regards
> David
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