Hi again all

Just a bit more info, trying to track some more things down.

I made a few changes, changed getmail so that it would allow the getmailrc
file to be group writable, made a few changes to the user/group structure
(including making apache a member of a specific new group, and then setting
that group read/write on the getmailrc file (in theory now, apache should
have read/write permissions to the file via the group), and did a bit more


Executing the cgi script from command line still works (in that it displays
results, whereas from the web the cgi STIL says that the file doesnt exist
(this is via a quick if(file_exists($getmailfile)) etc.. etc..(least I didnt
break anything else) :)

I find this interesting, as the file definately DOES exist, and further,
theoretically the web server should have access via the group permissions.

I was a little curious if this may be a bahaviour of the apache php module,
in that it is incapable of working with files outside docroot? this should
not be the case though, as with a number of the other modules I am using,
and have written, files get written to temp (while they are being uploaded)
and other files are written outside docroot for other purposes, without any
real problems so far, this is getting curiouser and curiouser as Alice said

Any suggestions or thoughts anyone?


David Cook

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